I’m lucky that as part of my studies, I have students who I am working alongside as we make our way through the first, taught part of our professional doctorate. I know many might not have the same group of colleagues taking journeys at the same time.

Over the last few months, since I attended a workshop in Manchester facilitated by Dr Helen Kara and organised by Dr Lisa Morriss, where I had the opportunity to meet and talk to other social work/social care doctorate level students, I realised that there was value in building broader networks – outside ones’ own university and outside ones’ own subject area.

While nothing beats the opportunity to meet face to face, I wondered aloud if there was a group or forum online specifically for those research students in social work/social care. Initially within the UK but not exclusively. While ‘asking on Twitter’ isn’t always the most effective way of finding all information available, I didn’t get response although a few people responded that it is something they would be interested in.

On that basis, I created a Facebook Group ‘Research in Social Work and Social Care’  

While I can’t promise endless insightful content, it is, for the moment, just a place to gather and hopefully build networks in a subject-specific context but also learn together about how to research and what it looks like in a practical context.

So if it’s something you’d be interested in, please do join. At the moment, I’m the only member! But it was free to set up so nothing lost in the process…

And maybe it’ll be a space where we can all share resources/experiences and information over time.

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