The beginning – again

I don’t know how or if this will develop in any way but I never thought I’d quite be able to stay away from the blogging too much.  I started writing about social work on the internet back in 2007 when I was finishing up my postgraduate certificate that qualified me to work as an approved social worker (now approved mental health professional – it changed shorted after I finished).

I wrote through my work as a social worker in a community mental  health team for older people, closed the blog, wrote for a while on a multi-author site before changing jobs, continuing to write but with much less frequency and more recently, moving onto Medium.

But this year, I’ve moved back to study for the first time for many years and I thought it might merit a completely new blog with a slightly different focus. This blog will always have social work and things related to social work at it’s heart. I’ve been doing social work too long to shake it off. But I also want it to be a shared journey of my learning and growing through my studying. I will encounter new challenges and will be come across new information.  I don’t expect it will interest many people apart from me but if it helps someone discover new things about social work and research and the way they impact each other as well as my personal goal to complete a research degree while working full time in a social work/care/mental health field, then by all means come along with me and enjoy the ride.

Author: Vicky

Social worker based in London

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